Tips for Getting in Shape and Making Space for Fitness in Your Home

Around this time of year people start to lose focus on their fitness goals. They have this idea in their head that they need to look and feel their best for the summer months and into the holiday season but after that they tend to let themselves go. Do not be one of those people this year. If you are interested in maintaining your fitness goals all year round than you should start to make a plan for having a better routine that you can actually stick too. If you want to make sure that you will do it every day, the best way to go about it is to plan something you can do at home. This might mean reconfiguring things to create some space for whatever physical activity you are planning to commit to. Here are some tips to get you started on setting aside an area and time for you to reach your fitness goals or at least stay in shape over the winter.

Set Your Goals

The first step to starting any new fitness routine is to set your goals appropriately. You want to chose goals that are firm and have measurable marks, but also be realistic with yourself. Setting goals that are unattainable is like setting your self up for failure. When this happens, we tend to be very hard on ourselves, to the point where it may discourage any future progress or goal setting. If you do not meet your goals, do not get down on yourself. Simply pick yourself up, readjust your trajectory, and see what changes can be made to help you get on your way for the next step in your fitness journey.

Choose A Method

Once you have your goal set, pick an exercise routine

 that you feel comfortable with, but that still seems like a challenge. You want to do something that will make you sweat and get your heartrate up but then alternate it with something that is mainly about using your muscles for some strength training. Depending on what your method is, you can do it three to four times a week. Something to consider is that you cannot expect to get in shape if you ignore the food factor. Planning a healthy diet is just as important if not more important than keeping up with a good work out routine.

Make the Space to Workout

If you have an idea of what your workout routine will consist of, then it is a lot easier to have a plan for creating space in your home. Start clearing out an area for your gear or equipment. Even if it is just a solid space large enough for you to lay your yoga mat, it is important to make it yours and have that space available. If you need to do some redecorating on your other spaces because you had to move things around, you can go to Design Within Reach to get the best deals on home décor and designer items that will make your newer, slightly more cluttered, living room look great.